While at the Super Bowl in Dallas in February, I joined some media folk at a few establishments and partook in a party or two, or nine. And the only thing I walked away complaining about: a little bit too much ‘Black and Yellow.’ And, for that matter, ‘Green and Yellow.’

I love me some Wiz Khalifa, but both shades of hip hop yellow were so overplayed that I threw up in my mouth a little every time I heard either tune in the three months that followed Super Bowl week.

But I’ve come back around. Because let’s face it, ‘Black and Yellow’ is a catchy-ass song. And any half-decent tune remotely connected to sports is sort of cool for the people who love both music and sports.

Speaking of that connection between music and sports: theScore Music Series!

In the 118th and latest installment of the greatest music-related series in the history of theScore.com, our very own Derek Snider — whose hair has written several hip hop songs all on its own — talks Steelers with Mr. Cameron Jibril Thomaz