When Andre Johnson did an awkward little hop in the second quarter of Houston’s win over Pittsburgh yesterday, the Internet gasped. Then the overreactions flowed, and no one was immune. Within minutes the Internet had come up with a diagnosis, and it looked grim. Johnson was gone for the season with a knee strain, tear, or perhaps a knee cap that was just ripped right off, and nothing could bring him back.

The problem is that the Texans still haven’t released their diagnosis yet, or at least not a concrete one that gives us an idea of how much time one of the league’s elite receivers will miss after a scary looking non-contact injury. We’re pretty sure that’s the only one that matters.

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak addressed the media┬áMonday afternoon for the first time since the leg grab seen ’round the world. He said little, which is good, because speculation is too much fun.

Kubiak said Johnson has a hamstring injury and is still in the evaluation process. He’s seeking a second opinion over the next few days, and right now the team doesn’t know if the injury is a strain that will require a brief absence, or a tear that could keep Johnson out for much longer.

But he did confirm that Johnson will miss “some time,” however the specific timetable remained vague and cloudy when Kubiak said he “didn’t know if that’s three or four days or a few weeks.”

Jacoby Jones will move up the depth chart, although replacing Johnson simply isn’t possible. Without the focal point of their passing offense the Texans will likely shift their offensive focus to the running game and Arian Foster.

There should still be some lingering hesitancy regarding that transition though. Foster certainly looked ready for a full workload while rushing for 155 yards and a touchdown on 30 carries yesterday. But he’s just returning from a delicate muscle injury of his own, and his first comeback attempt in Week 2 led to an aggravation of his hamstring injury and another seat on the sidelines in Week 3.