John Facenda did his “Autumn Wind” voiceover for NFL Films in 1974, and it’s now the anthem for crazy Raider fans with spikes in their heads and skulls for faces.

But today it’s the anti-Raider song in grand fashion. Barstool Sports Boston thinks Vince Wilfork is now the best cover defensive tackle in the league, so he deserves a song, dammit.

Autumn Wind seemed fitting since Wilfork intercepted a Jason Campbell pass yesterday for his second pick of this young season. Wilfork has appeared in 110 games over eight seasons, and prior to this year he had exactly zero interceptions. Now he’s had two over four games, and he could be in line for a few goal-line carries with that heavy downfield rumbling.

Wilfork has joined Adrian Clayborn in the small but prestigious group of non-Raider players deemed worthy of an Autumn Wind tribute by the Internets.

Only the bravest souls set foot on Wilfork Island…