• I guess it could be worse, right? Rex Ryan often looks like the Michelin Man, and Jon Gruden resembled a demented doll who murdered people during his coaching days.
  • It’s easy to thoroughly hate Adam Schefter’s Twitter presence and his need to constantly “report” items that even lowly bloggers receive in their inboxes through press releases. But I’ll admit it, this was mildly amusing.
  • While we’re passing along irreverent Twitter musings let’s balance it out with something that’s actually educational, because we’re all about learning.
  • Matt Slausen says Joe Namath‘s sticks and stones can’t hurt the Jets because he “means nothing” to the team. Matt, he may be a crazy old man now, but he’s the most famous crazy old man in Jets history.
  • Sure, it’s TMZ’s job to expose celebrities, or at least act like that’s what they’re doing. But it’s still hard to understand why the fact that athletes have lives outside of their day jobs is somehow considered scandalous.
  • What I do understand however is the desire to own random sports jerseys and merchandise, since a Chicago Cubs Ryan Theriot T-shirt jersey will now forever collect dust in my closet. But that desire still doesn’t justify buying a John David Booty jersey and then doing a shoddy hack job to turn it into a Chris Kluwe jersey.
  • Jersey nerds will be happy to learn that the Broncos are officially going back to the burnt orange look for most of their 2012 home games.
  • Hogs Haven gets the pain out of the way early in the Redskins’ bye week and breaks down all five of Rex Grossman‘s interceptions in detail.
  • Mike Shanahan explained what appeared to be a change in his running back depth chart on Sunday by saying that Tim Hightower injured his shoulder on the third play of Washington’s win over St. Louis.
  • Colts defensive tackle Eric Foster stayed in a local hospital for observation after his gruesome injury last night.
  • Prior to Indy’s Monday night loss Stampede Blue reminded Colts fans of the outrage following Ron Jaworski’s comments about Peyton Manning almost exactly a year ago. Looks like Jaws was right about Manning playing hurt.

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