Over the last few days the Miami Dolphins called nearly all of the league’s castaway quarterbacks, hoping that maybe some ounce of throwing zip is left somewhere. Tony Sparano is rarely prepared for anything, but being prepared for another quarterback injury is essential after Chad Henne was lost for the season, leaving the Dolphins with Matt Moore.

The football overlords have not been kind to fans in Miami, especially at the quarterback position. A debacle last November saw both Chad Pennington and Henne go down during a Week 11 win over Tennessee. During that mess last year JaMarcus Russell came in for a tryout. I feel itchy.

Now with Henne out and Matt Moore incompetent, insurance is a necessity. Sage Rosenfels was signed yesterday, but after spending August in a hospital bed with a mysterious illness he’s a pretty shoddy insurance policy, so the search continued. The problem is that whereas last year when the injury rash began to burn the Dolphins had at least an outside shot at the post season at 6-5. Now hope is about as difficult to find in South Beach as snow on rooftops, and no one wants to play quarterback for the Dolphins, not even Trent Edwards.

Yep, earlier today Edwards became the second quarterback to choose unemployment over being paid to wear a helmet with a fish and watch someone else lose games. Jake Delhomme was the first to turn his coldest shoulder.

Yahoo’s Michael Silver reported Edwards’ decision, saying that unlike Miami’s pursuit of David Garrard this wasn’t about the Benjamins. Edwards simply didn’t want to be there, which is a wise decision.

Edwards is 27 years old, and still has plenty of practice throws left in that arm. But life is too short to needlessly subject yourself to mind breaking frustration. The return of a healthy Daniel Thomas and hisĀ 239 all-purpose yards in just two games in Week 6 will certainly help. But Reggie Bush has been a bust signing, and now a man who was deemed worse than Jimmy Clausen in Carolina last year is tasked with leading an offense that ranks 26th in the league with 17.2 points per game.

But hey, Russell is still available. And maybe if he massages Paul Brown’s bunions repeatedly Jeff Ireland can have Carson Palmer.

Who are we kidding. It would take at least a temple rub too.