We live in a new era where vicious and especially violent hits are not only frowned upon by the NFL, they’re also pretty costly. Arriving a second late to the quarterback will cost a first-time offender something in the neighborhood of $15,000, with a far greater fine usually assigned to a defensive back who leads with his head.

I miss the good ol’ days when stepping on an opponent’s back while in full sprint was used as a way to get viewers excited to see Brent Musburger in a yellow jacket.

Yep, those days existed. In a video unearthed over the weekend by Scott Carefoot, who writes for The Basketball Jones, an intro to the NFL Today on CBS from likely the late 70′s showcased a blatant facemask and a WWE-style clothesline to get the adrenaline flowing for an afternoon of brutality.

I count at least $356,873 worth of fines in just 56 seconds.

Also, nothing makes me want to strap on a helmet and leap up from the couch to tackle the closest human quite like meandering, melancholy orchestra music that seems more appropriate for a segment on Sesame Street with the Cookie Monster teaching children how to count backwards.

The original NBA on NBC intro is safe on its perch as the best sports broadcast theme music of all time.

(Hat tip to Scott Carefoot of The Basketball Jones.)