That’s what greets visitors to the Denver Post’s online sports section right now. Nothing unusual, right? As we’ve written before, Denver is a football city that’s hopelessly addicted to hope, and right now Tim Tebow is ready to deliver their drug of choice.

And more generally speaking, Denver is also a sports city that has little else to grasp right now in their search for hope. The Rockies are long gone after a depressing season that ended with a record of 73-89, the Avalanche are just starting what will likely be another depressing season of their own, and Carmelo Anthony fled the Nuggets late last year, a team that won’t be playing for a long time anyway.

So sure, the editor in any sports section that’s wise to their market is going to put Tebow on the front page as many times as possible, either in word or visual form. The editor at the Denver Post went for the all-time record, and stopped just short of scribbling Tebow’s name on the screen with crayons if that was possible.

As of this writing (11:45 ET) Tebow’s name appears on the Post’s sports page 22 times. Flip to the Broncos section, and it gets better/worse, where Tebow’s name appearedĀ 57 times (!!!) as of 9 a.m. this morning, according to The Big Lead.

This means at least three-quarters of Denver has purchased the smiling desktop Tebow that’s advertised by the Post, and they’re working while he stares and silently motivates the peon office worker.