It’s over. It’s all over. Like the majority of the country, we went with the Giants as our Week 5 survivor pick. And now we’re dead. But we’re going to pull a Weekend at Bernie’s and continue to dole out unwanted advice to those still breathing. How so? Instead of giving you one pick each week, we’ll just rank the top possibilities and give you a reason or two why we like/dislike each team.

Again, we like to consider the biggest favorites, as well as who gets to play the biggest losers. Let’s start with top faves:

  • Packers over Rams: Green Bay is a 15-point favorite at home.
  • Steelers over Jaguars: Pittsburgh is a 12-point favorite at home.
  • Ravens over Texans: Baltimore is a 7.5-point favorite at home.
  • Patriots over Cowboys: New England is a 7-point favorite at home.
  • Bengals over Colts: Cincinnati is a 7-point favorite at home.
  • Jets over Dolphins: New York is a 7-point favorite at home.

And here’s a look at who gets to face the league’s worst teams, per our latest power rankings:

  • Packers over No. 32 Rams: The top team in our rankings vs. the bottom team in our rankings.
  • Steelers over No. 31 Jaguars: Another massive mismatch. Can’t see Blaine Gabbert having much success.
  • Bears over No. 29 Vikings: Jared Allen vs. that offensive line? Stay away from this divisional game.
  • Bengals over No. 28 Colts: Wouldn’t be surprised to see Curtis Painter lead Indy to victory.
  • Raiders over No. 27 Browns: Oakland is a 6.5-point favorite at home.
  • Jets over No. 26 Dolphins: Beware of the Dolphins on the road (where they’re better) off a bye.

* 30th-ranked Denver is on a bye.

Since it’s Week 6, we’ll give you our top six picks:

1. Packers: St. Louis is coming off a bye, but there’s still no way that depleted secondary stops Aaron Rodgers and Co.
2. Steelers: Again, this is pretty much a lock. I feel better about this than I did about the Giants last week.
3. Ravens: Coming off a bye, Baltimore should be safe at home against the banged-up Texans.
4. Patriots: The Pats don’t lose at home during the regular season, period.
5. Raiders: I don’t like picking against teams coming off byes, but there’s no better option here.
6. Bengals: I think the talent level is pretty even here, but Cincinnati’s at home. It’s slim pickings after New England.