• The eagles respect freedom of speech, and specifically their fans’ freedom to tell them that they suck. But they also have the freedom to ask for a sign outside of their practice facility to be taken down, and that’s what two offensive linemen did earlier this week when a group of fans held up the sign pictured above. Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce weren’t malicious at all, but their request still isn’t going over well in Philly.
  • For their next act of comedy/calamity, the Eagles locked the media out of their locker room yesterday. The mastermind of this plan was Asante Samuel, who was joking around of course. Still, he probably should have let all of his teammates in on the joke.
  • Oh, and if you think the current Eagles are an experiment in spending gone horribly wrong then you’re forgetting about the power of inception.
  • Last night Brandon Lloyd‘s name surfaced as a likely trade candidate prior to Tuesday’s trading deadline. At least three or four teams have reportedly expressed interest, including the Titans and Panthers. The Denver Post reported that the price for Lloyd is expected to fall somewhere between a third and a fifth round pick.
  • Lloyd is making $1.3 million this year in the final season of his contract before becoming a free agent next March. So although playing armchair GM is a national pastime around trade deadline time, a rental player doesn’t seem ideal for a winless team like the Rams.
  • Or maybe a struggling team acquiring Lloyd isn’t such a bad idea after all, as long as there’s the financial means to lock him up for several years. That’s the plan Big Cat Country proposes for the Jaguars.
  • Joe Namath thinks Rex Ryan is being too nice.
  • Mike Martz is actually being proactive and doing something to limit the amount of times his quarterback gets face-planted.
  • Scott Pioli said that rumors of Todd Haley‘s demise were greatly exaggerated.
  • Jacoby Jones stumbled mightily during the first game in which he was asked to fill the over-sized construction boots of Andre Johnson. But maybe it wasn’t all his fault, and maybe he was haunted by the ghost of Al Davis.
  • If there’s any truth at all in simulated football the Browns need to sign Lebron James immediately

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