It’s easy. All you have to do is beat the spread on 15 straight games.

That’s the kind of gambling grand slam you’ll attempt for 50 years, and then in frustration on one gloomy Sunday morning you’ll hand a paper and pencil to your lovely wife who has been getting as far away from the living room as possible on Sundays throughout your marriage. You’ll tell her to make a few squiggles on a pad of paper, and make picks based on cool names, funky-looking logos, or maybe her favorite tourist destinations, (that’s poor strategy because it automatically eliminates over half the league, but we digress). She’ll haphazardly make a few check marks, and a few hours later you’ll be rich.

We’re not sure if that’s the strategy used by a Delaware man who needs just two more wins against the spread on Sunday to make a cool $100,000 off of a minimal $5 bet. Maybe he chose his dog instead, or perhaps a gold fish. Either way, he’s suddenly a huge Eagles and Ravens fan.

Parlay betting started in Delaware two years ago, and although two people have come agonizingly close, no one has pulled off the 15-team slam yet. The Philadelphia Daily News reports that an anonymous man made a 15-team parlay bet last week that carried over into this week because there were only 13 games in Week 5. He’s now turning his knuckles several shades of white while clutching a ticket with the final two bets, and he has a favorable point spread with both. His card has the Eagles +1 on the road against Washington, and the Ravens -4 at home against Houston, a line that’s now moved to -7.5.

So he’s two more wins away from $100,000. Sure, that sounds nice, but the Daily News’ Dick Jerardi sees an opportunity to get greedy. Please start your calculator…

What the player could do to give himself a potentially nice profit is this: Bet $22,000 ($44,000 total) to win $20,000 on the Redskins and Texans. He would win $40,000 if the Skins and Texans cover the 1 1/2 and 7 1/2 ($20,000 plus $20,000). He would win $56,000 if the Eagles and Ravens cover the favorable plus-1 and minus-4 ($100,000 minus $44,000). He would win $140,000 if both games fall in the middle – Eagles tie or win by 1 and Ravens win by 5, 6 or 7.

This man will also age by at least 25 years in one day on Sunday.

Thanks, Darren Rovell