Solid victory for Oakland today. Nothing special, but the Raiders took care of business at home against a weaker team. It could have been a trap game after a big win in Houston and with three division rivals waiting, but the Raiders dug in while battling the emotions attached to their first home game sans Al Davis and came away victorious despite losing their starting quarterback.

But with Jason Campbell reportedly done for the remainder of the season with a broken collarbone, there’s gotta be a simmering fear that Oakland won a battle Sunday while actually hurting their cause in relation to the war.

Campbell wasn’t putting up Pro Bowl numbers, but he was doing a formidable job as the starter in Oakland. The Raiders’ offense runs through Darren McFadden, and it’s Campbell’s job to keep defenses honest by keeping them from stacking the box to limit Oakland’s running game. Without him, they’ll suffer.

Now you have to wonder if the Raiders will look for a quarterback. Kyle Boller is a decent backup, but does anyone really believe he can manage the offense during a playoff run? They’d be better off giving a shot to a guy like David Garrard, who ran a similar offense in Jacksonville. Garrard’s 2010 numbers were far better than Campbell’s, and the team has $6 million in cap space, so money shouldn’t be a major issue.

After hosting the Chiefs next week, the 4-2 Raiders have two weeks to prepare for Denver. Both of those games are at home, so Oakland doesn’t have to travel again until they head to San Diego Nov. 10. That’s also the next time they play a team with a winning record, and it could be the biggest game they have all season. The smart move? Bring in a veteran like Garrard and let him compete with Boller in practices and “games” over the next few weeks.

And then maybe he’ll be able to save a potentially special season in the nick of time.