• Tampa Bay rookie defensive end Da’Quan Bowers put some kids through drills with his teammates during the week of activities prior to Sunday’s game in London, and the little guy pictured above already has more sacks than the entire Bucs front seven.
  • The Jets may have done enough to feel good about themselves last night, but accomplishing that requires simply winning against a far inferior team with no pass rush or red zone offense. Good luck against San Diego.
  • Don’t worry though, New York, because the Jets are back.
  • Worry a lot, Miami, because if Brandon Marshall is embarrassed then your team is pretty damn embarrassing.
  • Leslie Frazier‘s meeting with his coaching staff to determine who will start Sunday against Green Bay should be pretty short.
  • The Bears have no desire to trade Matt Forte, but that hasn’t stopped other teams from calling. At least two teams have expressed interest, according to the Chicago Tribune, and since he still isn’t signed to a long-term contract Forte says it feels good to be wanted by someone.
  • A.J. Hawk said that the fierce, blinding emotion that runs through his veins during games sometimes makes him forget that his every move is being beamed around the continent.
  • We’re two games shy of the halfway point in the season, and there are eight teams with one win or less. It’s still early, so the tangled mess created by Suck for Luck campaigns around the league will sort themselves out, because it takes a special kind of bad to hold the first overall pick in April.
  • As more information comes out about Felix Jones‘ injury DeMarco Murray begins to look like a pretty appealing short-term fantasy option for anyone dealing with a bye week debacle. Jones could be out for up to a month.
  • Those who devour the weekly X’s and O’s work of Alen Dumonjic around these parts will also like reading about every run play against the Eagles this week and how each was stopped.
  • I’ve seen a lot of overly dramatic, poorly executed videos during the life I’ve wasted traveling around the Internet. This video by Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko that depicts his passion for kicking a ball really far is definitely the former, but not the latter. I’ve also seen many poor uses of the Requiem for a Dream theme song. This, however, is awesome, because using orchestra music to dramatize a punt is always awesome. Mesko’s work needs to be featured in every major international film festival…http://blogs.thescore.com/nfl/wp-admin/post.php?post=28498&action=edit&message=1
  • And because this was also rather awesome/illegal, here’s Darrelle Revis’ 100-yard interception return again for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, only our Canadian friends can watch our highlight porn…

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