• Bengals owner Mike Brown swallowed painfully and ignored his pride and principles yesterday, and in doing so he put his team in a far better position for long-term success. He behaved like an unselfish executive, convincing many that hell was a very icy and cold place on Tuesday morning.
  • And who knows, maybe this will start Brown’s heel turn in Cincinnati, and his recovery from being “one of the most villainous figures in Cincinnati sports.”
  • Hue Jackson wouldn’t reveal his Week 7 starter during Tuesday’s press conference following the Carson Palmer trade.
  • Jackson is responsible for a slight modification to Al Davis‘ famous mantra. The Raiders want to just win now, baby.
  • Jason Campbell has quickly become the forgotten man in Oakland aside from his role as the catalyst for the Palmer trade. Washington Post columnist Jason Reid was blunt about his bias towards Campbell due to a friendship forged when the former first-round pick was the Redskins quarterback. Reid knows this is yet another obstacle for Campbell during a career that’s had plenty of them to limit his growth and success.
  • Devin Hester is excellent at avoiding contact while returning kicks and punts. He’ll have to work on those skills while he’s standing in line at a casino though.
  • Larry Fitzgerald fondly remembers a time long, long ago in Arizona when he was supported by receivers with actual talent.
  • Jerry Jones was subtly critical of Jason Garrett‘s play-calling at the end of Dallas’ loss to New England, prompting an apology yesterday. Even if that apology was sincere, Jones’ criticism planted the seeds for his usual controlling and dominating approach.
  • The Titans took a longĀ  look at Brandon Lloyd before he was dealt to St. Louis.
  • Now Tennessee’s gaze could shift to another veteran wide receiver, only this one is old and recovering from a serious injury.
  • We get it, the NFL is the No Fun League, and there are rarely any shades of gray surrounding a rule. But maybe just this once the league should look the other way after an injured player called his wife from the sidelines to say tell her that he’s OK.
  • The Browns aren’t terrible, or at least they aren’t according to their record (2-3). But they’re still one of the league’s most boring teams to watch with only eight offensive plays longer than 20 yards.
  • Steve Young is like the small child who won’t sit still during the family picture…

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