When a trade is completed the players involved are asked to abruptly pick up their lives and move to a new city that’s often foreign and strange, and do it seamlessly while being ready to play again in a matter of days.

The professional aspect of being traded can be beneficial depending on the players’ new situation, but the personal aspect can really suck.

For Jerome Harrison, getting traded may have been a life-saving experience.

With Jahvid Best’s concussion issues threatening his season, the Lions were desperate for a reliable running back and traded Harrision–their backup RB–to Philadelphia prior to Tuesday’s trade deadline for Ronnie Brown. Players have to pass physicals to complete any trade, and last night the Harrison/Brown trade was voided. All we knew at the time was that the deal fell through because of Harrison’s health, with Adam Schefter only able to report that Harrison had “previously undisclosed health issues.”

Today Schefter found out that being expendable in Detroit led to a startling and timely discovery for Harrison…