• The Bears are taking on the Bucs this weekend in London, so Bear Goggles On provided a public service to both Chicago’s loyal traveling fan base and perhaps also the Bears players and coaches by thoroughly translating British slang. They also Photoshopped the fantastic image of Lovie Smith seen above.
  • Please sit down for this. We’ve learned that players actually say dirty words and get heated and emotional during football games, and when a game is broadcasted during prime time with at least 86 cameras and mics hovering around the field, some of those words will be heard by the world. Jay Cutler knows this, and he also knows that questioning his relationship with Mike Martz because of one F-bomb is absurd and asinine.
  • There are two incredibly depressing notes for Washington football fans to lead off this weekly Redskins statistical analysis.
  • Want more depression, Redskins fans? Here’s a breakdown of a few John Beck plays from last Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.
  • Even when Dallas scores in the red zone the play-calling shows a lack of confidence in the run game.
  • Rex Ryan still enjoys talking without thinking.
  • Jesus will attend Tim Tebow‘s 2011 regular-season debut.
  • The connections between the Steelers and Cardinals run deep.
  • Donovan McNabb still thinks that he has a lot of football left in his arm. Shhh, nobody tell him that at best he’s a backup now.
  • Julio Jones hasn’t been ruled out for Sunday yet, but he missed practice yesterday and the Falcons are taking a cautious approach.
  • We’ll have more injury updates later this evening in our daily injury report, but for now in addition to the word on Jones know that Kyle Williams could be out for up to two more weeks.
  • You know, I really think that to sustain itself and appeal to the men salivating in the stands the Lingerie Football League should do something to push the envelope, like recruit Michael Jackson’s 13-year-old daughter and ask her to be the face of the league. Yeah, that doesn’t sound creepy and disgusting.
  • Devin Hester received a swift backhand to the head earlier this week because of parental instincts and poor line etiquette…

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