Real Tebow, please meet Pumpkin Tebow.

There’s a kind lady who’s offering a service through Craigslist for $75 that requires a unique skill and intricate handwork. No, not that kind of service.

Halloween is just over a week away, and she’s offering to carve a pumpkin for you. We’re not just talking triangle noses and jagged smiley teeth here though. She’ll do anything, even a picture of your family, but only if you have a SMALL family.

I can do any picture, your SMALL family maybe? The TEBOW pumpkin was carved yesterday (wednesday 19th) so it probably has around a week of life left..

Oh yeah, the Tebow pumpkin. This anonymous lady is not only incredibly skilled as an artist, she also knows a little something about marketing. Specifically, if your target market is an area in which the local paper thinks it’s entirely reasonable to list Tebow’s name 22 times on their sports page, using the new Broncos starting quarterback to sell pumpkins is a sound strategy.

If you live in Miami she’ll also make a Kyle Orton pumpkin to play quarterback for the Dolphins this week…

Thanks for the latest in pumpkin artwork, Lindsay Jones.