Finger-wagging is a customary greeting during Todd Haley handshakes.

  • For all the wonderful wonders Twitter has brought us–like easy access to information, and the ability to call hometown sports writers on their crap–it’s also highlighted extremely thin-skinned young athletes like Leonard Hankerson who respond to mundane, meaningless criticism.
  • Todd Haley was involved in another minor finger-wagging incident during a post-game handshake, a once trivial event that’s become quite the spectacle over the past two weeks. This time, though, Haley was the target of the wagging.
  • The 62-7 dismantling we all witnessed last night wasn’t an aberration, according to 18 to 88. It was the “obvious culmination of everything that is wrong with the Colts coaching staff.”
  • Colts fans are understandably a delicate group nowadays, which happens when the future of your franchise quarterback is in doubt, and you’re forced to watch a historically lopsided debacle. Even the slightest comment about Peyton Manning can irritate that touchy nerve, and Chris Collinsworth knew exactly what to say last night.
  • Conveniently, the Jesus praising Tim Tebow followers will only remember his late-game heroics for the next week, forgetting that he was pathetically awful for the other three-and-a-half quarters.
  • Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer doesn’t feel the need to comment on the officiating yesterday during San Diego’s loss to the Jets. But if you ask him about it, he’ll be more than happy to start an angry rant.
  • The Jets don’t care about Jammer’s whining after they finally beat a good team for the first time since Week 1, and they did it primarily because the Plaxico Burress they signed in the offseason finally showed up.
  • The Redskins dodged the injury bug pretty well over the first six weeks, but now Santana Moss could be out up to a month with a broken hand, and Tim Hightower is trying to remain optimistic about his ACL.
  • Tony Sparano‘s employment isn’t in imminent danger, even after the Dolphins remained winless on Sunday by blowing a 15-point lead to an erratic quarterback making his first start of 2011.
  • Tony Dungy has stated the obvious twice over the past few days now, saying that if they hold the top pick next April the Colts should draft Andrew Luck, who would either replace a still injured Manning, or be a valuable trade chip if Manning returns for three-to-four more healthy years.
  • Some Falcons players weren’t happy with the behavior of Lions defensive linemen Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril when Matt Ryan was injured and had to leave in the third quarter briefly.
  • Remember yesterday when I lamented a decision to bench DeMarco Murray just prior to kickoff? Well you’ll all be relieved to know that I still won my fantasy matchup somehow. Here’s Murray’s 91-yard run on his first carry (viewable in Canada only)…

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