Terrell Owens claims he’s rehabilitated from offseason knee surgery (or more accurately, his agent claims he is), and Owens started his quest to┬áreturn to an NFL field near you by holding an open workout this afternoon in Calabasas, Calif.

The problem: nobody showed up.

Okay, that’s melodramatic. People were there. Reporters, TV crew folk, a guy to throw passes, some gawking fans. But by all indications, no general managers, no coaches, no scouts, no team reps — unless they were incognito.

Although it’s a fun fact that no teams sent people to watch the washed-up Owens work out, it probably doesn’t mean much. If a team is interested in Owens, it probably isn’t likely to send a representative into a media zoo hosted by Owens and Drew Rosenhaus. Instead, interested teams will follow standard procedure and bring Owens into their own facilities for a workout. Rosenhaus is planning to send tape of the workout to each team and hopes Owens’ performance will “generate buzz.”

But will it?

I doubt anyone will rush to sign Owens right now, especially with potentially healthier receivers like T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Randy Moss on the open market. But eventually, someone will get hurt and someone will become desperate, and Owens’ phone will ring.

The big question now: Will that happen in 2011?