Survivor pool analysis: Week 8

Okay, so all six of my picks won in Week 6, but only four of my seven picks were victorious in Week 7. If you listened to me and took Baltimore, San Diego or Oakland, my apologies. Should have known better than to listen to this guy.

Let’s keep it moving with eight picks for Week 8. There are only 13 games, so this could get real tricky.

We start with this week’s biggest favorites:

  • Saints over Rams: New Orleans is a 13.5-point fave on the road.
  • Ravens over Cardinals: Baltimore is a 13-point fave at home.
  • Giants over Dolphins: New York is a 10-point fave at home.
  • 49ers over Browns: San Francisco is a 9.5-point fave at home.
  • Texans over Jaguars: Houston is a 9.5-point fave at home.
  • Titans over Colts: Tennessee is a 9-point fave at home.
  • Bills over Redskins: Buffalo is a 6-point fave at home (in Toronto).

And now, a look at who gets to play the league’s worst teams, based on our latest power rankings:

  • Saints over No. 32 Rams: The only┬ádanger is that it’s not in New Orleans.
  • Titans over No. 31 Colts: But Tennessee has been crushed in back-to-back games.
  • Giants over No. 30 Dolphins: The rested and healthier Giants shouldn’t have any problems.
  • Ravens over No. 29 Cardinals: Baltimore has to be angry after that terrible loss in Jacksonville.
  • Panthers over No. 28 Vikings: Quite risky taking the Panthers as a 3.5-point fave at home.
  • Lions over No. 27 Broncos: Denver has all the momentum on its side at home.
  • 49ers over No. 26 Browns: San Fran should cruise coming off the bye.
  • Bengals over No. 25 Seahawks: I’m not willing to pick against Seattle at home.

So, conclusions:

1. Saints: New Orleans scored more points Sunday than the Rams have all season.
2. Ravens: Arizona is pretty bad, and it doesn’t match up well with Baltimore at all.
3. 49ers: Cleveland has yet to beat a half-decent team. Now travelling cross country.
4. Giants: Seems obvious, but remember what the Giants did at home against Seattle.
5. Titans: Indy doesn’t look like it can win right now, and Tennessee could bounce back.
6. Bills: Washington is dealing with a slew of injuries and Buffalo is coming off a bye.
7. Panthers: Both Carolina and Minnesota looked good last week, so this is scary.
8. Chargers: I’m going off the map with San Diego in KC Monday night. Don’t trust the Lions, Bengals or Texans.