• Kissing Suzy Kolber took a trip inside the mind of John Fox to reveal his tortured, fragile thoughts.
  • Michael Vick is a sandlot football player, meaning that those who blindly criticizing his offensive line for the frequent beatings he takes are at least partially misguided. A reference to the sandlot also provided The 700 Level with a fantastic Photoshopping opportunity.
  • Does icing the kicker work?
  • The Seahawks inquired about Carson Palmer during the offseason, but Pete Carroll said they were turned down by Bengals owner Mike Brown, and they wouldn’t have given up a first and second round pick like the Raiders did anyway.
  • Aren’t all GMs playing fantasy football? Not literally, of course, but they’re putting together their version of a fantasy team in an attempt to win a championship. Asante Samuel doesn’t understand that football has always been a business, and the thought that he may or may not be a part of the Eagles’ fantasy football team in the future doesn’t sit well.
  • Samuel’s comments yesterday aren’t sitting well with Eagles fans either.
  • Despite what Samuel and head coach Andy Reid will say in an attempt to extinguish any lingering flames, there are signs of a front office power struggle in Philadelphia.
  • Jason Campbell says he’s still a starter in the NFL. He’s right, but the next time he starts it’ll be for another team in yet another offensive system.
  • Despite the constant distractions due to contract talk, the Browns are eager to finally get Peyton Hillis back and healthy after they scored just six points against the Seahawks in Week 7, and looked generally pathetic.
  • Total Steelers gives a final farewell to Aaron Smith, a selfless player who fit Dick Lebeau‘s scheme perfectly, and sacrificed his body so that others could accumulate the sexy numbers.
  • Rex Ryan is full of brilliant ideas, and many bad ones. Given how much we’ve seen teams struggle coming off of a bye so far after the newly mandated rules for four bye week off days, maybe giving his team two additional days for a grand total of six days away from football isn’t such a good plan.
  • Sure, it’s certainly an encouraging sign that Andre Johnson was able to make it through a full practice. But his use of the word “tugging” to describe his post-practice condition kills a bit of that optimism.

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