Terrell Owens reportedly tried to commit suicide in 2006. In the denial phase, his publicist, Kim Etheredge, infamously stated that Owens had “25 million reasons why he should be alive,” alluding to the three-year, $25-million contract T.O. signed with the Cowboys earlier that year.

Many didn’t buy it, while others gave Owens the benefit of the doubt. Frankly — and sort of sadly — it didn’t appear as though anyone made a strong effort to offer Owens help, if indeed he overdosed deliberately.

But as George W. Bush once eloquently stated, “Fool me once…shame on…shame on you……….you fool me, you can’t get fooled again.”

Five years after the first incident, T.O. has once again been linked to a possible suicide attempt. This time, via TMZ, there’s damning audio in which his assistant tells a 9-1-1 operator that she believes her boss was trying to take his own life.

Based on Etheredge’s logic, Owens currently has zero reasons to be alive.

The media’s focus lately has been on T.O.’s sad attempt to return to football. He’s always been a strange man with peculiar baggage, and now he’s dealing with public embarrassment without the capability of falling back on a million-dollar salary, throngs of adoring fans or the attention he has always craved and fed off of.

It’s dangerous. Rather than mock him, it might be time to start worrying about Terrell Owens’ well-being.