Terrell Owens reportedly tried to commit suicide in 2006. In the denial phase, his publicist, Kim Etheredge, infamously stated that Owens had “25 million reasons why he should be alive,” alluding to the three-year, $25-million contract T.O. signed with the Cowboys earlier that year.

Many didn’t buy it, while others gave Owens the benefit of the doubt. Frankly — and sort of sadly — it didn’t appear as though anyone made a strong effort to offer Owens help, if indeed he overdosed deliberately.

But as George W. Bush once eloquently stated, “Fool me once…shame on…shame on you……….you fool me, you can’t get fooled again.”

Five years after the first incident, T.O. has once again been linked to a possible suicide attempt. This time, via TMZ, there’s damning audio in which his assistant tells a 9-1-1 operator that she believes her boss was trying to take his own life.

Based on Etheredge’s logic, Owens currently has zero reasons to be alive.

The media’s focus lately has been on T.O.’s sad attempt to return to football. He’s always been a strange man with peculiar baggage, and now he’s dealing with public embarrassment without the capability of falling back on a million-dollar salary, throngs of adoring fans or the attention he has always craved and fed off of.

It’s dangerous. Rather than mock him, it might be time to start worrying about Terrell Owens’ well-being.

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  1. Is this even a story? All you do is cite a TMZ story which you don’t quote anything specifically from, then you miss quote george w and cap it off with some personal insults and speculation on owen’s mental state. Oh but we re actually worried about him and think he needs help… Whoever wrote this is a hack!

    • It’s a blog post.

      Where’s the misquote? Bush is quoted correctly.

      Listen to the audio, where his assistant says she believes it’s a suicide attempt. Why must I quote TMZ? Click on the link if you want more information — that’s why it’s there.

      This is baseless criticism. And the intention of the post wasn’t to insult Owens, it was to point out that we should wonder if he has a problem — based on two reported suicide attempts — rather than continuing to laugh at the guy.

      • “sad attempt to return to football…strange man with peculiar baggage…public embarrassment”

        Capping that off with a plea to not mock him doesn’t strike you as a bit hypocritical?

        Also, I’m not sure anyone needs to cite TMZ on any subject.

        • TMZ is commonly cited by blogs and reputable publications for stories like these, as it was by NBC Sports and others for this story. Anyone who regularly reads…well…anything, is aware that, as morally bankrupt as some would argue they are, they’re usually right. (Did you even listen to the audio? Who in their right mind would suggest that was somehow manufactured?)

          And stating facts isn’t mockery. He’d probably admit he’s strange. He’d probably admit he has baggage. And most onlookers would tend to agree that this last-ditch effort has been sad. These aren’t wild statements.

  2. I was wrong about the Bush quote i admit.
    But baseless criticism? You refer to a tmz article and a recording without attempting to confirm them yourself.
    Did you get comment from TO’s publicist like other stories that quoted the TMZ story did (cbc, nbc atc)? no. Did you attempt to confirm this incident with anyone anyone at all? who knows, but it doesn’t appear so.
    My point is that this story is a completely unnecessary. You took the same facts that appeared in a tmz story and a score story earlier in the day and regurgitated them with about 50 words of insults and irrelevant nonsense, why is this worth posting on the score or anywhere?
    Im glad you think blogs posted on a supposed “journalistic” sports site don’t have to adhere to any kind of standards. If I wanted to read a tmz story, I could go to tmz and read it. I’m not really sure what your argument is for how this blog demonstrates any skill whatsoever.

    • I raise the point that we should be wondering whether T.O. has a problem we’re all ignoring because of his celebrity status, which I’ve seen nowhere else. So I’d say I did add something. I’d say it was actually a rather unique spin on the story. And yes, some of this business is naturally regurgitation. Not everyone who reads my blog reads TMZ or even wire stories produced for our site. It was a major development that we wanted to make sure we covered on the blog, which we did while linking to the original stories and giving our take on (the “Does he have a problem?” part). We have 200-plus posts a month, not all of them are in-depth columns with 1,000 words of analysis. Some are quick hits, others not. Why is this so difficult for you? Anyway, I’m not getting into a pissing match. You have your opinion, I have mine.

      Oh, and the denial from Owens’ people, which was published by CBC and others, was made well after the publication of this post. Obviously that would’ve been included had it been available at the time. (My colleague used it in a links post this morning.)

  3. “And stating facts isn’t mockery. He’d probably admit he’s strange. He’d probably admit he has baggage. And most onlookers would tend to agree that this last-ditch effort has been sad. These aren’t wild statements.”

    so your commentary is simply telling us things we already know that the media has been telling us all week, which is exactly what I was criticizing with the term hack. I never said they were wild, I said that it takes no skill to do this and that it is ridiculous to tear him down in one paragraph and then feign like you actually care about his mental state and well-being in the next.

  4. Keep the good work up Gagnon (not including your total lack of respect for the packers, ha).. didnt really see anything wrong with this post, just a blurb on a football player, and well this is a football blog, and it isnt like you just made the story up out of your ass…and as long as your passive hatred of the packers stays underneath the surface and doesnt bubble up to often I shall continue to suport this blog… i believe those are fair terms

  5. you deal with that by mocking him and saying he has no reason to live? I’m not saying indepth or massive word counts, im saying make the words you use count. All you did was recap the known facts and then say we should be concerned. Great, but you did a poor job of it and came off as flippant and insulting to him and as much as you insist, it provided minimal context and no real new analysis.
    “It’s dangerous. Rather than mock him, it might be time to start worrying about Terrell Owens’ well-being.”
    That is analysis? Do you follow up with any evidence or point to anything specific, nope, that’s all we get and apparently that should be enough…

    • There you go taking my words out of context. Where do I claim that he has no reason to live?

      My evidence is the two reported suicide attempts and a damning 9-1-1 recording. I relayed that info and then asked a question, designed to generate debate and make people think. I believe it worked.

      You’re picking away at a quick-hit blog post relaying some info and asking a question/raising a point. Why, exactly? I respond to all comments because I think it’s a good strategy to communicate with readers, but this has become a waste of both of our time. Thanks for reading.

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