The Internet is like an 18-year-old high school girl unleashed at the mall with her parents’ credit card. She doesn’t just want something, she wants everything, and once she finds an item that’s really cool she wants to buy at least 38 of them. Soon this continues to multiply and duplicate, and eventually the girl has a closet full of jeans which she claims don’t fit several months later. Then she needs new jeans, and the cycle begins again.

Tim Tebow is the NFL’s pair of skinny jeans. We like to talk about him, and love or hate him, but we’re not exactly sure why. We make excruciating videos about him that serve as public white boy rap shamings. We make pumpkins bearing his image and try to sell them for the very affordable fee of $75, and we publicly advocate for him through the use of digital technology.

We want to be Tim Tebow. Thankfully, now we have our chance.

Since planking and owling aren’t annoying enough, the newest viral virus that’s starting to grow is Tebowing. Yes, now even you can look like football’s chosen one through a simple pose. If you’re creative and outlandish while executing that pose, your reward will be a greater number of people looking at you on the Internet.

Here are the three easy steps required to become an Internet superstar for about eight seconds:

1. Closely study this picture, or the many others just like it.

2. Find an interesting place to kneel down and pay homage to your savior. Perhaps an operating room, or beside the toilet.

3. Upload your proud participation in pop culture to

Toddlers can’t even resist the trend…

And you can even bridge multiple generations with a hat tip to the Beatles…

Or you could choose to get political with your Tebowing…

But if you really want to creep people out, just drop to one knee and start crying this weekend at a party while everyone else is laughing gleefully…

So go forth, friends, and become Tim Tebow in the workplace, during family dinners, on public transit, in church, atop flag poles, at the post office, in a Starbucks, and at the dentist.

The world is your canvas.