See, Tebowing is fun until someone gets hurt while the almighty powers above aren't watching. This kid is 15 feet in the air.

  • When do we start making statements of grandeur about LeSean McCoy? I’d say you have permission now after he tore up the league’s best rush defense last night, and is on pace for a rushing total in 2011 that only 19 other players in NFL history have reached.
  • Incredibly, moral victories still exist in Miami for a winless team that’s routinely finding ways to blow winnable games. But that doesn’t matter to Dan Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, who knows that the Dolphins have come dangerously close to winning a game in back-to-back weeks, and they need to get much better at being really awful if they want the Suck for Luck truck to keep rolling.
  • The Bills Toronto Series still isn’t perfect, but it’s a little less imperfect, and that alone is progress.
  • While it was encouraging to see a more enthusiastic crowd in Toronto, let’s remain realistic about a Bills performance at a neutral site game that featured a staggering nine sacks. They played an injury-ravaged Redskins team that could have been beaten easily if they played the game on a large raft in the middle of the arctic circle.
  • Prior to last night’s game the Cowboys had the best big play differential in the league (plays of 20 or more yards).  So yeah, that changed pretty quickly.
  • Part of that was Rob Ryan‘s fault. Just ask him, he’ll tell you himself.
  • That’s quite selfless of you to take the blame like that, Rob. But to be fair, your unit doesn’t run or throw the ball, and it isn’t tasked with the evidently difficult job of scoring points. Oh well, at least DeMarco Murray still excelled despite his limited opportunities, finishing with 9.3 yards per carry.
  • At this point, the Browns bloggers around the Interwebs could probably just save themselves a lot of time and effort each week by developing a game recap template, and just plugging in the different team and player names. Win or lose, every Cleveland game looks nearly the same.
  • If you haven’t seen it yet in the 83 other places it’s been linked, here’s Mark Kiszla’s obligatory over-reaction to Tim Tebow being brutal.
  • The Lions should embrace being the NFL’s bad boys.
  • As they return from their bye week the proverbial playoff push begins for the Jets, with five of their nine remaining games against teams with records at or below the .500 mark.
  • Maybe there’s something about being a Browns receiver that attracts blows to the head…

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