Bill Belichick was (rather surprisingly) okay with Rob Gronkowski’s photo shoot with a porn star during the Patriots’ bye week. But something tells me that if the charges against Julian Edelman are proven true, Belichick won’t be quite as understanding.

This goes beyond “boys will be boys.”

From the Boston Herald:

The police report on the bust states Edelman “reached under” a woman’s party costume and “grabbed her vagina.”

The male witness told police he watched as the alleged victim’s face changed into “an expression of shock” at the time of the reported sexual assault.

Both the witness and the alleged victim demanded Edelman be kicked out of the club immediately, the report states. That witness and the alleged victim were booted first, police report, after that “witness” threatened to beat up Edelman. The Patriot is listed in the police report as tanding 5-feet, 10-inches tall and weighing 200 pounds.

Edelman is now free on bail after pleading not guilty to the alleged groping.

When asked today about the incident and what it might mean for Edelman, Belichick predictably shied away from commenting: “I don’t think we have enough information to comment on that right now.”

That said, Edelman’s role was already fading in New England. It wouldn’t be shocking to see the Pats cut him loose to avoid the distraction while claiming they were simply ready to move on without Edelman the player.