• Today the Chargers and their psyche will be dissected more than Lindsay Lohan’s mental state over the years. But the truth is actually quite simple: they’re just dumb.
  • After their shocking win the Chiefs became the first team in NFL history to go from a 0-3 record to first place in their division four games later.
  • It’s still very unlikely that Peyton Manning will be healthy enough to appear in a game by the end of this season. But even if there’s an opportunity for that pipe dream to come true, team chairman Bill Polian said Manning would still be held back since Indy’s offensive line is so bruised and battered. There’s still a roster spot available for Manning though, even if it means putting the Colts at a disadvantage on Sundays.
  • With the Bengals visiting Tennessee this week Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean dialed up Pacman Jones to reflect on his disastrous and trouble-filled time as a Titan. Now a cornerback and return man in Cincinnati, Jones blamed his own immaturity for his problems in Tennessee, but he also said the Titans often weren’t there for him.
  • Age, injuries, and the harsh financial climate of the NFL could all soon lead to a few well-respected veteran Steelers becoming former Steelers.
  • The similarities between the 2010 and 2007 versions of the Detroit Lions after eight weeks are odd and downright eerie.
  • There’s comfort in consistency, unless you’re a Redskins fan. Washington has had at least one three-game losing streak for 12-straight seasons.
  • From Brandon Merriweather to Leigh Bodden, the Patriots have seemingly aimed to baffle and amaze with the abrupt re-shuffling of their secondary. The result? A wayward defensive backfield that lacks identity and structure, and has given up less than 300 passing yards in a game only once so far this season.
  • Joe Namath is shocked that his No. 12 jerseys are available for purchase in a size that fits Rex Ryan’s rotund frame.
  • You don’t need numbers to prove how bad the Dolphins have been. But if you’d like some there are plenty to choose from.
  • Would you like to look at pictures of cheerleaders in Halloween costumes?
  • The NFL is an equal opportunity employer, but Carolina’s Steve Smith thinks the league should stop hiring 70-year-old men to officiate games.
  • And for our Tuesday morning finale, here’s the moment that made Philip Rivers declare Monday the “worst day ever” one more time…

Photo via the Kansas City Star

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