Survivor pool analysis: Week 9

If you used our top pick last week, you’re now dead in the world of survivor pools. But our next five choices survived, so hopefully you went in one of those directions.

If you haven’t been paying attention, yours truly was eliminated when the Seahawks beat the Giants in Week 5. But in the following week, we entered a new survivor pool (theScore’s re-started in Week 6), and we’re 3-0 thus far. Here’s who we’ve won with:

Week 6: Packers over Rams
Week 7: Saints over Colts
Week 8: Ravens over Cardinals

There are only 14 games this week, but I realize that some people are still alive in pools that began in Week 1, so I’m going to somehow try to list my top nine survivor pool options for Week 9.

As always, we start with a look at this week’s biggest favorites:

  • Cowboys over Seahawks: Dallas is an 11.5-point fave at home.
  • Texans over Browns: Houston is an 11-point fave at home.
  • Patriots over Giants: New England is an 8.5-point fave at home.
  • Eagles over Bears: Philadelphia is an 8-point fave at home.
  • Raiders over Broncos: Oakland is an 8-point fave at home.
  • Saints over Buccaneers: New Orleans is an 8-point fave at home.
  • Falcons over Colts: Atlanta is a 7-point fave on the road.

And here’s a look at who gets to play the worst teams in the league, per our latest power rankings:

  • Falcons over No. 32 Colts: Atlanta is rolling off the bye, too.
  • Raiders over No. 31 Broncos: Always a bit more leery of divisional games.
  • Chiefs over No. 30 Dolphins: Surprised to see KC only giving 4.5 points at home.
  • Texans over No. 29 Browns: Cleveland is on the road yet again. Very little chance.
  • Cowboys over No. 28 Seahawks: Seattle does have a win in New York this year…
  • 49ers over No. 26 Redskins: San Francisco is a 3.5-point favorite on the road.

* The 25th-ranked Rams and 27th-ranked Cardinals play each other.

I don’t really think you can go wrong with either Texas team at home, and the Falcons should have no trouble with Indy. That gives you three teams that should be locks. And I doubt anyone has used the Cowboys, Texans and¬†Falcons already, so one of those squads should be available. Beyond that, I’m still confident in several other teams. It actually looks as though it’s a pretty easy week to stay alive.

My top nine picks:

1. Texans: I can’t see the Browns offense doing much of anything here.
2. Cowboys: Seattle has lost back-to-back games in brutal fashion.
3. Falcons: It’s a road game, but the Colts can’t beat Atlanta right now.
4. 49ers: Washington doesn’t look like a professional football team.
5. Chiefs: They’ve won four straight and host a winless team.
6. Patriots: They don’t lose at home with Tom Brady. They just don’t.
7. Raiders: Not a lot of confidence in Tim Tebow right now.
8. Saints: I hope you aren’t forced to take New Orleans or Baltimore.
9. Ravens: It really gets tough now. I have a feeling about Baltimore.