• Now that Chris Cooley is out for the year he’s had time to absorb more insightful and intelligent Redskins fan reaction through radio call-in shows. Inevitably he became confused as to why fans are complaining about an unstable coaching staff, while also pushing for massive changes to that same coaching staff.
  • The last time a Cleveland athlete showed up at the local Boys and Girls Club he fled town immediately. So maybe Browns fans should be thankful that Peyton Hillis was a no-show at a charity event earlier this week.
  • If you boo Brandon Jacobs when he’s playing horribly, he won’t care. And if you boo him when he’s about to score a touchdown he won’t care then either.
  • The Bucs would like to get young wide receiver Arrelious Benn more involved in the offense. Benn had more carries (1) than receptions (0) in Tampa Bay’s last game, so actually throwing the ball in his direction would be a good start.
  • Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King thinks that Jon Gruden is “inherently dishonest.” And here I was thinking that he was just inherently a horrible analyst, so evidently his inherently bad qualities go much deeper.
  • The Steelers’ injury woes could lead to some four-man fronts this week.
  • Yep, it’s not a dream. The Bills really are relevant in November.
  • Anchorman-themed midseason fantasy football awards exist, and Dallas Clark will now proudly place the Ron Burgundy massive erection award in his trophy case.
  • Matt Forte‘s contract bickering with the Bears has now reached the point where very public references to pulp and grinding are being tossed around liberally. He still says his contract situation shows a lack of respect from the organization, and it’s affecting his desire to stay in Chicago.
  • Stampede Blue thinks that keeping Peyton Manning on the active roster now seems to make some sense.
  • Beyond providing some sense of comfort and familiarity for Carson Palmer, ESPN’s Bill Williamson doesn’t expect much from T.J. Houshmanzadeh in Oakland.
  • Tim Tebow had better hope that this whole NFL quarterback thing starts to turn around quickly, because if he fails he’s not even wanted in Canada, where most NFL failures go to play pretend football.

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