• Look, we know you may be busy putting your social advocacy efforts towards the various ongoing Occupy movements on both sides of the border. But we have an even greater cause that demands your immediate attention. You need to sign this petition to have Nickelback removed as the halftime performance during the Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit. Please, we’re all counting on you.
  • Ohhh, so Philip Rivers said his fumble Monday night was the worst play ever, and it wasn’t the worst day ever. Phil, can I just continue to think that you said “day”? Because that was one of the best sports quotes since last spring when Bob Cole triumphantly declared “everything is happening!”
  • Officials will now receive concussion awareness training, and they’ll be instructed to alert the team if they believe a player has suffered a head injury.
  • Carlos Rogers enjoys winning football games, so consequently he’s also enjoyed his time in San Francisco, and he doesn’t feel like leaving any time soon.
  • Rookie first-round pick Prince Amukamara is now running without a limp, and there’s a chance he could make his debut this week.
  • Santonio Holmes went with the always bulletproof “next question” response when asked if he’s upset about his role in the Jets’ offense. All he needed was a podium and a driveway.
  • Terrell Suggs‘ preparation for the Steelers includes being aware of the potential for hot piss.
  • Peyton Hillis is sorry that he missed a charity Halloween party. To make up for it the people of Cleveland would like to see him belatedly dress up for Halloween as a healthy running back.
  • Somehow Aaron Rodgers‘ current contract doesn’t put him among the top 10 highest paid cornerbacks quarterbacks, and that’ll have to change sometime in the near future.
  • Seeing 2012 mock drafts out already–even if it’s the shortened, team-specific variety–makes me smile.
  • After reviewing the tape of T.J. Houshmandzadeh‘s play in 2010, the Raiders Blog doesn’t understand how he stayed unemployed for nearly half of this season.
  • Detroit fans don’t care about Ndamukong Suh‘s penalties or any democratic and enlightening pow wows he has with Roger Goodell. They just want him to be a maniac.
  • And that’s good, because Suh says he’s not changing a damn thing.

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