• Yep, now all we need is some dogbowing, and maybe we could even get Batman to bow down to Tebow. Andrew Luck is so jealous.
  • It’s been two months since his surgery, and Peyton Manning is still using the word “slow” to describe his recovery. The offseason will arrive quickly for the struggling Colts, and so will the time to make a tough and highly emotional decision on Manning’s future with the franchise.
  • But Manning still says he wants to practice and play this year, and Jim Irsay insists the Manning era in Indianapolis isn’t over yet.
  • The Bucs aren’t worried at all about Josh Freeman‘s thumb.
  • Midwest Sports Fans summarized the media’s relationship with Luck in a hilarious photo story.
  • Keith Myers of 12th Man Rising was relieved to observe that Seattle’s offensive line isn’t playing that poorly after watching tape of the Seahawks’ Week 8 loss to Cincinnati. But that happy feeling faded quickly when he saw that Marshawn Lynch is taking his sweet time hitting holes, and is therefore driving Seattle’s running game backwards.
  • Ladainian Tomlinson thinks that Philip Rivers seems distracted, and predictably those comments weren’t received too well in San Diego.
  • With Stevie Johnson getting the Darelle Revis treatment Sunday, the Bills might be wise to look to the slot and target Kyle Wilson.
  • Yesterday we compared Chris Johnson‘s sudden disappearance to Larry Johnson’s abrupt end. Former Chiefs head coach and current ESPN analyst Herm Edwards made the same comparison, noting that both running backs received a massive paycheck just prior to their drop off, and that both held out during training camp.
  • The Chiefs are reportedly taking a look at Leigh Bodden.
  • The four female fans of GLS will enjoy the simple and pragmatic logic behind Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s decision to keep his wedding ring on during games. The rest of us will get far more enjoyment out of Buccaneers defensive tackle Brian Price and his reasoning for taking the ring off. Price told the New York Times that he’s a monster during games, and he doesn’t want his wife to be associated with a monster.

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