The picture that summarizes an entire season really is a lost art. You see, the clever newspaper editor is a witty headline and a few Photoshop clicks away from a bad pun, and another front page that captures our attention for several nano seconds.

But true beauty is in the eyes of the photographer who snaps the image that allows us to look at a team in its crappiest form for all of eternity.

So here’s to you, Washington Post editor and anonymous photographer. We’re pretty sure this is the same face Mike Shanahan made as a small child when he was told to stop believing in Santa Claus, and that the rotating nanny system is not financially feasible or practical.

Now that’s one heck of a wake-up call from the morning paper as it lands on your doorstep. Coincidentally, this is also Shanahan’s morning wake-up face.

Thanks, DC Sports Blog.