When the Patriots shocked the football world by signing veteran problem children Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco in August, many wondered which controversial player would last longer.

And while Ochocinco’s time in New England has been filled with failure, he has somehow outlasted Haynesworth.

The Patriots have released Haynesworth, according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.

But while neither Haynesworth nor Ocho have made a difference on the football field, Ocho has stayed out of trouble and kept quiet on Twitter (that was a legitimate concern).¬†Rapoport reports¬†that Haynesworth was involved in a sideline “confrontation” with Pats defensive line coach — and Bill Belichick right-hand man — Pepper Johnson during Sunday’s loss to the Giants.

And so Haynesworth’s attitude has once again cost him a job. Considering his behavioral issues (the latest tiff with Johnson is nothing compared to past transgressions), his injury history (he’s missed two games this year due to a back issue), his poor on-field performance (he had just three tackles and no sacks as a Patriot) and his age (30), it’s beginning to look as though he’ll have a tough time finding another one.

At this point, teams will probably avoid him like a disease. Haynesworth made $32 million in two mediocre seasons with the Redskins and cost the Patriots $1.5 million this year (unless he’s claimed off waivers by 4:00 p.m. ET tomorrow, in which case the Pats save about half of that money).

But don’t expect anyone to claim the guy for half a season at $706,000, and don’t expect anyone to hand him a new contract in 2012. The NFL is too much of a chemistry game, and Haynesworth has proven time and again to be nothing but a source of negative energy.