A teenage Andy Reid wouldn't have left that fake punt pass short.

  • The Bears have now played Michael Vick four times as a starter, and they’ve beaten him four times as a starter, showing that Chicago has one of the few defensive units with enough lateral speed to contain the elusive quarterback and limit his long runs.
  • Andy Reid quickly threw out a casual excuse for the poor play of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, saying he’s still learning how to effectively cover the slot. But Rodgers-Cromartie isn’t accepting that easy out, and said he simply needs to play better after getting beat badly twice last night.
  • If you’d like to see a picture of Vick naked, there’s a woman who’s looking forward to your call and wants to do business. The shot is reportedly only from the neck down though, so there’s certainly no chance it’s manipulated in any way.
  • Eli Manning made a lot of impressive throws Sunday during the Giants’ win over New England, but Tom Coughlin was most impressed by an incompletion.
  • Chad Henne spoke to the media for the first time since his surgery yesterday, and his comments are actually a little bit sad.
  • If Felix Jones returns this week, Jason Garrett said all three of Dallas’ running backs–including Philip Tanner–will have “a role.” DeMarco Murray has posted the best three-game rushing stretch in team history, so unless Garrett would like to schedule his own firing Murray should have the largest role, followed by Jones.
  • Dallas’ win over Seattle may have provided a glimpse into the future of the Cowboys offense.
  • Charlie Casserly reminded us that Tony Romo‘s last name rhymes with another word that starts with the letter “H”.
  • It’s midseason, and in Cleveland that means it’s time to start the draft countdown.
  • The Rams need to be careful against the Browns this week, because with Peyton Hillis already ruled out they might be able to win another game, and their opportunity for an Andrew Luck auction would almost surely be gone.
  • We’re all guilty of forgetting things. Maybe you locked yourself out of your car this morning, or maybe today is your anniversary and you didn’t remember until this very instance while reading this line. Rex Ryan forgot to announce one of his team captains and then sheepishly slipped the “C” onto Brandon Moore‘s jersey, and didn’t tell anyone.
  • The Bears still feel as though they gave Matt Forte a “very lucrative offer” near the end of training camp.
  • Improving his basic, fundamental skills has played a large role in Alex Smith‘s improvement.
  • And as usual we conclude with one last look back on Monday’s game…

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