Five weeks ago, we looked at eight individual records with a chance to be broken in 2011. To kick off our three-part GLS midseason report, we update the progress being made by the players pursuing those marks.

Record: Passing yards
Record holder: Dan Marino (5,084 in 1984)

On pace to break it:

1. Tom Brady (5,406)
Odds he breaks it: 1/3
Even after his ridiculous start (940 yards in two games), he’s averaged 293 yards per game during the last six weeks. He also faces some real weak defenses in the second half.

2. Drew Brees (5,340)
Odds he breaks it: 3/1
He’ll need to average 298 yards over the last seven games to break it. But after hitting 297 in six of the first seven weeks, he’s failed to do so in back-to-back games. Even if he passes Marino, he’ll have to deal with Brady.

3. Aaron Rodgers (5,238)
Odds he breaks it: 5/2
Will he let up if the Packers are in control down the stretch? And will the cold weather play a role in December?

Recently fallen off pace: Philip Rivers (4,938), Cam Newton (4,786)

Record: Passing touchdowns
Record holder: Tom Brady (50 in 2007)

On pace to break it:

Nobody anymore.

Recently fallen off pace: Aaron Rodgers (48), Tom Brady (40). Rodgers has an outside shot.

Record: Passer rating
Record holder: Peyton Manning (121.1 in 2004)

On pace to break it:

1. Aaron Rodgers (129.6)
Odds he breaks it: 4/5
This number has actually increased by five points since we last checked in. Rodgers merely needs to finish the season with a 112.7 rating to break the record. Considering that he’s only been lower than that number in one game all season (and even that was 111.4) it’s almost certain he’ll wrap this up.

Record: Receptions
Record holder: 
Marvin Harrison (143 in 2002)

On pace to break it:

Nobody anymore.

Recently fallen off pace: Wes Welker (132). It’s not happening.

Record: Receiving yards
Record holder: Jerry Rice (1,848 in 1995)

On pace to break it:

1. Wes Welker (1,920)
Odds he breaks it: 5/1
That 99-yard touchdown inflated things early, and Welker’s paced has dropped rapidly ever since. Injuries have played a role, but he’s back on track after a 136-yard game in Week 9. Still, the odds aren’t in his favor.

Recently fallen off pace: Steve Smith, Panthers (1,836). I’d say his odds are about as good as Welker’s.

Record: Receiving touchdowns 
Record holder: Randy Moss (23 in 2007)

On pace to break it:

Nobody anymore.

Recently fallen off pace: Calvin Johnson (22). He had eight touchdowns in his first four games, but “only” has three in his last four. I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Record: Sacks
Record holder: Michael Strahan (22.5 in 2001)

On pace to break it:

1. Jared Allen (25)
Odds he breaks it: 2/1
There’s a good chance this record gets broken, but by whom? Allen’s been getting sacks more consistently. Combined sacks allowed by his final eight opponents: 153.

2. DeMarcus Ware (24)
Odds he breaks it: 3/1
But Ware has the ability to go off and get more sacks in a short period of time. Combined sacks allowed by his final eight opponents: 142.

Record: Field goals
Record holder: Neil Rackers (40)

On pace to tie it:

T-1. Dan Bailey (40)
Odds he breaks it: 10/1
The 23-year-old rookie is fading. After hitting 12 field goals in his first four games, he has just eight in his last four.

T-1. Billy Cundiff (40)
Odds he breaks it: 2/1
Aside from that stupid Jacksonville game, the veteran’s been picking up steam. It’s a toss-up.

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