After a recent win Albert Haynesworth was told he could only celebrate with someone in a Patriots jersey that's less mature than him.

Ahhh pro sports, you never cease to be much different than real life. Normal mortals can’t be forced to change workplaces twice in a matter of months mostly because they’re being a petulant little child, yet still be hired by a third employer. This is Albert Haynesworth’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Along with Chad Ochocinco, Haynesworth was one half a disastrous offseason for Bill Belichick, a failed experiment that was mercifully released yesterday. In our post describing one of the least surprising moves in quite some time, Gagnon used the headline “That might be the last we see of Albert Haynesworth.” That was a hopeful title, and our wish wasn’t granted.

Haynesworth has now been claimed by Tampa Bay, the only defense desperate enough to give him another opportunity. For the second straight year Gerald McCoy’s season has ended early due to a torn biceps, leaving the Bucs with a gaping void up the middle that Haynesworth will fill. Or at least try to.

Haynesworth has done little to prove that he can be productive or even stay healthy, missing two games as well as time during training camp in New England, and recording just three tackles and zero sacks. But he does excel at being very big, so that’s an asset, and at this point a young Tampa front seven that’s allowing 132.4 yards per game on the ground and has a putrid 12 sacks will take any large body that comes at a minimal cost.

Despite their inconsistencies offensively the Bucs are still just two games back of the Saints in the NFC South, and they’ll pay Haynesworth $706,000, the remainder of the one-year contract worth $1.5 million he signed with New England.

So to conclude what we’ve learned today, large and lazy men still have value in the NFL.