Survivor pool analysis: Week 10

Our top four and six of our top nine picks won last week, so unless you took the Patriots or Raiders, you’re probably still alive in your survivor pool. And if you aren’t alive, you probably aren’t reading this. Anywho, I’ll try to list my top 10 picks this week. It’s gonna be tough.

Oh, and I’m still alive in the re-started Score survivor pool. Here’s who I’ve picked thus far in that one:

Week 6: Packers over Rams
Week 7: Saints over Colts
Week 8: Ravens over Cardinals
Week 9: Texans over Browns

As always, I like to look at the biggest favorites each week:

  • Eagles over Cardinals: Philadelphia is a 14-point fave at home.
  • Packers over Vikings: Green Bay is a 13.5-point fave at home.
  • Ravens over Seahawks: Baltimore is a 7-point fave on the road.
  • Chargers over Raiders: San Diego is a 7-point fave at home Thursday.
  • Cowboys over Bills: Dallas is a 5.5-point fave at home.

Amazingly, every other line is inside four. A lot of close matchups this week.

But I usually prefer to pick against the bad teams. Here’s who plays the league’s worst squadrons, according to our latest power rankings:

  • Jaguars over No. 32 Colts: Quite risky with the game in Indy.
  • No. 27 Dolphins over No. 30 Redskins: Miami’s at home.
  • Ravens over No. 29 Seahawks: Only a tiny risk with Seattle at home.
  • Chiefs over No. 26 Broncos: Hate division games, but KC is at home.
  • Eagles over No. 25 Cardinals: This should be the lock of the week.
  • Packers over No. 22 Vikings: And this is your other lock of the week.

* The 28th-ranked Rams and 31st-ranked Browns play each other in Cleveland. Don’t touch that.

The way I see it, there are only six games to feel solid about. If you’ve used the top six picks, pray.┬áRegardless, here are my top 10:

1. Eagles: Massive talent edge at home. Just can’t see Arizona standing a chance.
2. Packers: Minnesota hung in last time, but this is Lambeau.
3. Ravens: Baltimore is riding quite a lot of momentum.
4. Dolphins: Can’t believe the 1-7 ‘Phins are my fourth pick, but Washington is a mess.
5. Chargers: How much better can Carson Palmer get in four days?
6. Cowboys: Buffalo is starting to slide, and this is in Texas.
7. Steelers: They’re a three-point favorite in Cincinnati.
8. Texans: Scary on the road in Tampa.
9. Chiefs: And hope they’ll bounce back at home against the bad Broncos.
10. Panthers:┬áBy default. I just can’t pick the Jags on the road.