• If I get Danny Woodhead‘s new children’s book in my stocking this Christmas, I won’t even need to bother going downstairs to see what’s under the tree. The cover of Woodhead’s book is quite spectacular, and so is the cause. The book will raise money for the C2 Mission, which benefits Cerebral Palsy and Cystic Fibrosis.
  • And quickly we end the sentimental look at all things Patriot, with the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian calling Albert Haynesworth a known gamble who morphed into a colossal failure, joining the growing line of players with baggage who didn’t march neatly in Bill Belichick‘s line.
  • When the Jets acquired Aaron Maybin they likely reached their capacity for malcontent, underachieving players, so they have no interest in Haynesworth.
  • Let’s assume for a moment that sometime in the offseason Peyton Manning is declared fully healthy. If that great unknown does indeed become reality and the Colts hold the top overall pick, Stampede Blue thinks Indianapolis should pass on Andrew Luck.
  • Jim Irsay would like Bill Polian to develop some thicker skin.
  • Music City Miracles knows that the Titans’ problems go far beyond the quarterback position, and forcing Jake Locker into a weak offense will cause much more harm than good. At the earliest he should start in Week 15, when three very winnable games are lined up on the schedule to build Locker’s confidence heading into next season.
  • It’s decision day for the Rams and Mark Clayton.
  • Kevin Smith feels like he just came out of the body shop.
  • Technically Frank Gore is 149 yards away from becoming the 49ers’ all-time leading rusher. But if the record book didn’t erase two of Joe Perry‘s years and 1,345 yards, there would still be a sizable gap.
  • The Raiders still aren’t saying anything definitive about Darren McFadden‘s status for Thursday night, but he didn’t practice again Tuesday and he hasn’t even started to run on his sprained foot.
  • The Packers may be undefeated, but Charles Woodson isn’t impressed with the defense and a Green Bay secondary that’s ahead of only New England in passing yards allowed per game.
  • Mike Tomlin evidently doesn’t have much faith in his kicker, Shaun Suisham. So logically, Total Steelers wonders why the hell Suisham is still in Pittsburgh.
  • You know, if a lockout led to a shortened or–god willing–canceled NFL season, the real victim would have been the overly-intoxicated 65 year olds who need a place to rap poorly after their team loses. This man would be like a lost dog without a home… (minor NSFW language, of course)

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