Short people have it rough. They’re always climbing step ladders to reach into cupboards, and they’re not allowed to ride the good roller coasters.

Wes Welker has a diminutive stature for an NFL wide receiver (Welker’s only 5’9″), so he’s suffered through this tragic life. But somehow he’s still fought off all the short jokes to haul in 29 career touchdowns and 6,617 receiving yards in seven seasons as a starter in New England. Even exceptional short people need to feel tall, though, and when he held a preseason party for his friends and family back in September Welker knew exactly how to feel like a giant for a few short hours.

Welker contacted a catering company and specifically asked for some “little people” to be included on the service staff for the party. As you can see in the picture above, the little people gave Welker a big smile.

TMZ confirmed that Welker was indeed a happy tall person for one night.

We’re told Welker was super happy with the service. One source who attended the party tells us Welker was “really nice” to everyone … and probably got a kick out of not being the shortest guy in the room.

His rather attractive girlfriend doesn’t seem nearly as impressed, but Welker knows that certain sacrifices must be made to boost self confidence. Or something.

Energized by his false sense of height, Welker then had 458 receiving yards over the first three weeks of the season. If the Patriots are fortunate enough to somehow overcome their feeble secondary and advance to the Super Bowl, Bill Belichick would be wise to have several little people on the flight to Indianapolis.

Thanks for the latest in NFL party trends, Sportress of Blogitude.