• In the before time, Philip Rivers had good protection, and was able to relax in the pocket and control the game. Now Tim Sullivan of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that due to injuries on San Diego’s offensive line he’s been forced to play like a man trying to disarm a bomb, and too often the bomb is blowing up in his face.
  • Rivers didn’t want to hear any talk of getting rolling or stringing a few victories together after San Diego’s fourth-straight lose. He just hopes the Chargers can win a damn game.
  • Tony Romo hasn’t faced the Bills since 2007, his first full season as the Cowboys’ starter, and he learned a valuable lesson in that game. Throwing five interceptions makes it difficult to win, but it’s still possible.
  • Romo also said Thursday that the fractured rib that nearly kept him out of a game earlier this season is now fully healed.
  • I dare you to keep your head and/or body still while listening to this song about Ndamukong Suh.
  • The reason for Leigh Bodden‘s abrupt release from New England was the subject of widespread speculation a few weeks back, and the assumption was that Bodden became another veteran Bill Belichick castoff. That may be true, but a herniated disk that required surgery and had him in a hospital bed last night didn’t help.
  • Hindsight is always quite entertaining when it’s applied to an NFL draft, and now that we know what we know, the reaction of Cowboys fans when their team selected DeMarco Murray last April didn’t disappoint.
  • After the shooting following a preseason game in San Francisco in August, Gagnon wrote that despite the appearance of brutality, the NFL doesn’t have a fan violence problem. And the league still doesn’t after a stabbing in San Diego last night.
  • Don’t stop believing, Seahawks fans.
  • There seems to be a correlation between the amount of blockers the Bears have protecting Jay Cutler, and the amount of times he crumbles to the ground. Weird.
  • Who knows, maybe NFL minimalist logos will become hip and trendy soon.
  • When Albert Haynesworth met the Tampa media yesterday he said a lot of stupid things to a lot of people. This was not surprising. However, what’s a little surprising is that his assessment of the Bucs’ motivation to acquire him (“I think they brought me here to play hard and also teach some of the younger guys how to play”) isn’t receiving more attention due to its idiocy.
  • The Raiders and Redskins are competing for girls.
  • If you live in Canada, please feel free to demolish your Friday work productivity by watching the highlights of last night’s game repeatedly on a 50-second loop…

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