Being an overexposed mascot just isn't fun anymore when your team's quarterback is Mark Sanchez.

  • NFL players should be aware that if you intend to threaten D.J. Moore‘s career and livelihood, he has the right to come after you.
  • David Akers‘ onside kicks are difficult to defend because they don’t look like onside kicks at all.
  • Every NFL Sunday is filled with statistical anomalies and fun with numbers, and here’s a nugget that adds to the Dream Team’s season of depression: in five of their six losses the Eagles have held a fourth quarter lead.
  • Mario Manningham has one major regret after the Giants’ loss to San Francisco, saying he should have dived for what would have been a game-tying touchdown catch late in the fourth quarter.
  • Including two sacks, Curtis Painter dropped back 21 times yesterday and had only 70 net passing yards. Stampede Blue is wondering why the hell he’s being asked to throw the ball so much, a question that’s tied to both Painter’s minimal throwing skills, and the Colts’ play calling.
  • The Broncos set football back 50 years yesterday, and they don’t care. If they’re winning there’s no reason to care, and there’s also nothing stopping the Tim Tebow delusion in Denver.
  • On the other sideline, Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star writes that the Chiefs have now been outplayed and outcoached by dogs on two straight Sundays.
  • Ensuring that equal doses of insult and injury were supplied yesterday in Kansas City was the cast on Matt Cassel‘s right hand that’s already placed his status for next Monday in doubt.
  • If Matthew Stafford wants to use his fractured right index finger as an excuse for his awful play yesterday, he’s doing it wrong.
  • It’s likely just a brief blip, but it’s still notable–and notable enough to be included in Pat Kirwan’s Sunday notes–that over the past two weeks road teams have gone 20-9.
  • LeSean McCoy is the lone consistent offensive player for Philly, and he’d like to get paid soon. Re-hiring super agent Drew Rosenhaus could help that push.
  • You may have missed this yesterday because like the rest of us you didn’t want to permanently damage yourself mentally by watching the Rams-Browns game. But Brandon Lloyd‘s extension on his one-handed grab was pretty incredible…

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