Please try to hide your surprise about the above headline as it pertains to Rex Ryan’s language. To him, the use of profanity is about as essential in life as walking, eating, or breathing.

Bill Belichick is the polar opposite, and the hooded Jedi has trained himself to mask all emotion. That’s why NFL Network’s two-part documentary earlier this fall on Belichick was so riveting, because with his evasive approach to the media we’ve never been able to envision Belichick as a real person with real thoughts and emotions.

Belichick’s shell began to crack in the final minutes of last night’s divisional win over the rivaled Jets, though, and cameras caught the Patriots head coach pumping his fists, clapping, smiling, laughing, and high-fiving his defense as it came off the field.

Now we’ve learned that what we saw on TV was just the beginning of Belichick poking his head out from his shell. He cracked that damn shell and smashed it into tiny pieces.

According to a report by the New York Post, Belichick’s post-game embrace with his son went past the usual celebratory hug.

“Thirty-seven points on the best defense in the league, s— my d—,” the Patriots coach said in celebration.

Ryan, of course, wasn’t nearly as gleeful while making his exit and greeting his fellow New Yorkers. It was a rough night for him and the Jets, but here’s video evidence, via Deadspin and a few others, that Ryan will have a rough week. (NSFW unless you have headphones, as Rex says a naughty word.)

A league spokesman tells Will Brinson of CBS Sports that it’ll “look into” the incident, but that video is pretty damning for Ryan — he told a fan to “STFU.” So while both Ryan and Belichick were vulgar, only one will likely have to pay the price in the form of a fine from Roger Goodell.

Thanks for the impressive Photoshop work, Scott Lewis.