It may or may not be true. And if true, it may or may not have been deliberate. But Visanthe Shiancoe claims that Adrian Peterson found glass in his meal at Green Bay’s Lombardi’s Steakhouse prior to Monday night’s game against the Packers…

And yes, 31 people like that.

Shiancoe adds in a comment below the status update that the glass cut Peterson, without elaboration.

Teammate Jamarca Sanford vouched…

Vikings fans are pissed, but let’s calm down. Of course, you’d have to be pretty stupid to think that putting glass in one’s food would somehow affect their ability to perform in a game 24 hours later. Presumably, the intended victim would notice when they begin chewing on glass. Presumably. And there are a slew of more efficient ways for a cook to inflict harm on his or her enemy.

Well said,

How the f— do you even get glass in a piece of meat anyway? And if you were going to put something in there on purpose to try to injure someone, wouldn’t you choose something that had a texture similar to meat?

So is Shiancoe messing with us — as he’s been known to do in the past — or did the staff really serve the best player on their rival team a piece of meat with glass in it? Malicious or not, the latter scenario could hurt business at Lombardi’s. In other words, if Shiancoe is joking, he’d be smart to let that cat out of the bag before he’s served with a subpoena.