• Fair enough, but handegg just doesn’t sound right.
  • Sorry, Rebels fans, Peyton Manning isn’t available to be the next head coach at Ole Miss.
  • Ken Whisenhunt said nothing yesterday about who will be his starting quarterback this week if Kevin Kolb is healthy. The mere fact that this is notable shows how far Kolb has fallen.
  • Vikings fans were forced to chow down on a crap sundae last night, and while getting blown out and watching their rookie quarterback struggle was bad enough, they also lost their top cornerback for the year.
  • The 49ers played without Frank Gore for most of the game during their win over the Giants Sunday, but depth at the running back position between Kendall Hunter and Anthony Dixon easily filled the void. Gore won’t miss Week 11.
  • San Francisco ran a play named after a U.S. army sergeant last week, and it gained 16 yards.
  • Barry Cofield can’t confidently say that the Redskins will win another game.
  • There are two players Jack Del Rio doesn’t want to talk about, and their names are Marcedes Lewis and Blaine Gabbert.
  • Statistically Ryan Fitzpatrick has been stuck in a pretty ugly downward spiral since Week 3.
  • DeSean Jackson‘s unsettled contract has predictably affected his attitude this season, a behavioral problem the receiver admitted to when speaking with the media on Monday. His $600,000 base salary for this year may be minimal for a receiver of his caliber, but it’s still more than enough cash to buy a pretty sweet alarm clock.
  • Seattle’s wins over the Giants and Ravens are more than just anomalies. Those games were downright odd, and at 3-6 the Seahawks are now somehow among the four teams that have beaten at least two teams with a record of 6-3 or better.
  • Most of Minnesota’s game film from last night should be burned repeatedly, but let’s keep Kyle Rudolph‘s one-handed grab away from the flames…

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