They've come a long way since 2002.

Drew Brees vs. Tom Brady. This one’s quite simple. You’ve got the league’s two passing leaders in terms of yardage. Both are Super Bowl champions on perennial Super Bowl contenders. But as of late, both have had their struggles, especially when it comes to interceptions. Brees has 11 interceptions in 10 games, while Brady has thrown 10 picks in eight.

This year, their numbers are crazy close. Brady’s got a longer history and more accolades, but Brees is two years his junior.

Who would you rather have on your team?

Drew Brees
Age: 32
Experience: 11th season
Career stats: 147 starts, 65.6%, 258 TD, 143 INT, 38,592 YDS (263 YDS/GM), 7.4 AVG, 92.5 rating
From the start of 2010: 26 starts, 69.2%, 56 TD, 33 INT, 7,946 YDS, 7.4 AVG, 94.9 rating
This season: 10 starts, 70.9%, 23 TD, 19 INT, 3,326 TDS, 7.9 AVG, 101.3 rating
Career win-loss record: 86-61 (.585)
Playoff stats: 7 starts, 66.3%, 15 TD, 2 INT, 293 YDS/GM, 7.2 AVG, 102.0 rating
Playoff win-loss record: 4-3 (1 Super Bowl victory)
Accolades: 3-time All-Pro, 1-time offensive player of the year, 1-time Super Bowl MVP


Tom Brady
Age: 34
Experience: 12th season
Career stats: 152 starts, 63.8%, 284 TD, 113 INT, 37,776 YDS (249 YDS/GM), 7.5 AVG, 95.7 rating
From the start of 2010: 25 starts, 66.0%, 59 TD, 14 INT, 6,932 YDS, 8.1 AVG, 107.2 rating
This season: 9 starts, 66.1%, 23 TD, 10 INT, 3,032 YDS, 8.4 AVG, 102.0 rating
Career win-loss record: 117-35 (.770)
Playoff stats: 19 starts, 62.2%, 30 TD, 16 INT, 232 YDS/GM, 6.5 AVG, 85.7 rating
Playoff win-loss record: 14-5 (3 Super Bowl victories)
Accolades: 2-time MVP, 2-time All-Pro, 2-time offensive player of the year, 2-time Super Bowl MVP

It’s amazing. Aside from the touchdown-to-interception ratio, Brees has better career numbers than Brady. But of course, that ratio is quite important, and it’s quite a large advantage for Brady. Additionally, Brady has been the hotter and much more accurate quarterback over the last season and a half.

Brees is clearly more of a yardage accumulator, while some might argue that Brady’s has had more fortune on his side. After all, Brady walked into a Bill Belichick dynasty, which explains his ridiculous win-loss percentage and the Super Bowls. Some of that’s on him, but some of it has to do with the teams he’s been on. In six years in New Orleans, Brees’ winning percentage is .629, which closes that gap a little.

Plus, since Brees joined the Saints in 2006, he has a 1-0 edge over Brady in the Super Bowl victories category. And his playoff stats are actually significantly better than Brady’s.

It should be noted that both players have dealt with a significant injury, but since both have bounced back and dominated in the seasons since getting hurt, I don’t think that’s a major factor in the comparison.

Sean Tomlinson’s take: I’ll take Brady by an edge, and it’s always a slight edge in these debates, the kind of edge that wouldn’t even draw blood if it was the edge of a table and you whacked your head off of it. Last year when Brees lost Pierre Thomas and the support of the running game he threw a career-high 22 interceptions. Brady’s on pace for a career-high of his own this year in that area, but his 10 picks look a lot different if we take away his four against Buffalo, which is looking like an anomaly. Brady has done more with less, and he’s rarely received consistent support from the running game.

Gagnon’s take: Aside from his interceptions, the younger Brees puts up bigger numbers than Brady with similar offensive support. Had Brees been in Brady’s spot in 2001, I’m confident that he, too, would have three rings. If I’m starting a new team right now and have the choice, I probably go with Brees.

So, who would you rather?

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  1. I’d have to take Brees in this one. His stats are comparable to Brady’s – not to mention he is a couple years younger.And Brady’s stats reflect a much stronger receaving core. 50 of his touchdowns came in 2007, when he had Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Dante Stallworth, and Jabar Gaffney. If they had the same receivers and coaching, Brees would probably have superior stats.

    • I would rather have Aaron Rodgers. Its a no-brainer. He is playing wayyy better than both these QB’s and right now is lights out.

      • It’s just a comparison of the two players. I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t prefer Rodgers…

  2. I agree with Sean Tomlinson on this one. My one differnce is I think Brady has made more with what he was given which like Brees for some parts wasn’t much. Brees did have some notables, but they could’ve been notables elsewhere too (i.e. Tomlinson, Gates) just like Moss Troy Brown (in some opinions) and Corey Dillon. Brady has created Welker I think. He flopped between AFC teams as a special teamer and when he fell into the Patriot system and became the star (same goes for Branch who didn’t do as well with Seahawks for those years). The other receivers in seasons like Gaffney, Stallworth, Reche Caldwell or JJ Stokes? Brady hasn’t exactly had the best all the time, like Brees, but he still won 2 more championships with what he had and Brees had to do it with players like Colston, Shockey, Thomas, Henderson, etc. That’s just how I see it.

  3. Exactly, Jean Paul. Last year’s numbers identify precisely what makes Brady special, when he put up huge numbers against a difficult schedule despite the fact that he was playing with a retread offense with Welker as his go-to reciever, and the team’s defense was pretty toothless. Brady over Brees any day of the week.

  4. Brady has three superbowls because of that Bill Bellicheck defence. Why does everyone always seem to forget about that. Seymour, Vrabel Mcginest Bruschi Harrison samuels… How much superbowls has he won without them… zero. Give me Drew Brees. Better yet I’ll take an injured Peyton Manning

    • hellz no brady knows its game time i smell another ring this yea

    • ill take breese over brady , dont get me wrong i like brady he a great qb and if we didnt have breese yes then lets have brady as qb as to payton manningill take eli patton over his older brother eli does not get the credit he deserves

  5. bias much, why don t you just call this site “Why I am in the tank for every Saint vs anybody else at the same position in the entire NFL”
    Anyway enjoy the game this weekend Tom Brady is playing in his FIFTH SB, (I know the saints will be going to the next 3 so Brees will duplicate that (after all he s 2 whole years younger than Tom, plays indoors too, no nasty weather to get in his way)
    Oh yeah Pats are at the big dance with the 31st ranked defense, so that Brady really he can t take a lick of credit “its all Bellichicks defense” (astute football observation there
    Ryan lol) Finally enjoy watching Gronkowski the NFL” s BEST TE !!!!

  6. ill take brees. he still puts up good numbers withwhat he works with in a city where they can not pay for big time players, he does well. he has good players around him and less of a cry baby about it.

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