Tim Tebow did it again.

Okay, the Broncos did it again. But Tebow was once again a part of it. A big part.

After struggling to run and pass for approximately 55 minutes Thursday night against the Jets, Tebow and the Broncos turned it on in the final minutes and once again won a game they had no business winning.

Tebow will get the majority of the credit for another comeback, but the defense deserves some serious love. Without their constant pressure on Mark Sanchez and a pick six from Andre Goodman, the Broncos don’t stand a chance in this game.

Instead, they pull off another, um, miracle. That’s four wins in five games with Tebow at quarterback. And back-to-back victories in which No. 15 had a combined 11 complete passes.

The Jets can only blame themselves. The offense was a train wreck. They looked like the unfocused, unprepared, sloppy team many of us figured they’d be in a road game on short rest. And in a game in which neither team exactly earned the victory, the defense failed when it mattered most, letting Tebow and the Broncos run a successful but borderline-awkward four-minute drill, culminating in a 20-yard touchdown run for guess who?

And now, the Jets are probably screwed in the AFC East, while the Broncos are more than alive in the AFC playoff race.

Just don’t ask me how.

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  1. The Broncos’ D scored as many TDs as the offence did and held the Jets quiet for much of the game in spite of bad field position (just going by memory on that last bit).

    Yes, Tebow “did it”, but coming up with 10 points usually means that you lose unless your D steps up. Denver’s D did, and has, in recent weeks, long enough for Tebow to put enough competence together score.

    On the other hand, this fit of success-in-spite-of-incompetency has me looking at Trent Dilfer in a better light….

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