• And if he wins next week we’re sure Hooters will stage the only appropriate celebration for a Matt Leinart victory.
  • Levity and humor has kept Colts fans sane on Sundays.
  • It took way too long for the ’72 Dolphins to surface this year.
  • Preparing for the Broncos’ unique Tim Tebow-led offense is always difficult, so doing it on a short week means sleeping will only be accomplished on the plane.
  • The Broncos are more than just Tebow, though, despite a possible future name change. The absence of Ladainian Tomlinson and Jeremy Kerley will sting tonight for a Jets offense that’s been far from consistent.
  • Earlier this week Pete Prisco of CBS Sports touched on Devin Hester‘s Hall of Fame credentials, arguing that special teams are 1/12th of the game, and therefore it’s difficult to give a return specialist a ticket to Canton. Bear Goggles On strongly disagrees, and the boom was lowered.
  • Vince Young has given us an extremely small sample size to judge his regular-season play in an Eagles uniform. But the very little we’ve seen hasn’t reflected well on his football intelligence and game preparation.
  • We’re three days away from Young likely making his first start as an Eagle, and he still isn’t where he wants to be with Philadelphia’s playbook. This won’t end well.
  • Andy Reid isn’t a big fan of classic family board games, especially not Clue. Personally, I have fond memories of many long nights laughing in the living room while playing “When Did Michael Vick Break His Ribs?” Now that’s wholesome family fun.
  • The Cowboys crushed Buffalo 44-7 on Sunday, and that was just terrific. But once the jubilation died down a few days later a look back on the win revealed a glaring weakness on defense.
  • Joe Flacco has thrown nine interceptions this year, and Bengals cornerback Leon Hall was on the receiving end for three of them. Hall’s now done for the year, and the task of replacing him began yesterday.
  • Ray Lewis hasn’t missed a game since 2007, but that streak could be in jeopardy.
  • Matt Cassel‘s surgery went well, and Todd Haley said the team is still hoping he’ll return this year. What’s the over/under on Ricky Stanzi sightings once Tyler Palko flops?

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