Tim, please don't ever let this man down. None of us are safe if you do.

  • Fact: Tim Tebow scored last night’s game-winning touchdown with 58 seconds left, making it the longest game-winning touchdown run by a quarterback during the final minute of the fourth quarter in NFL history. (Follow-up caveat fact: longer runs by Michael Vick and Vince Young have ended overtime, so Tebow’s record run is one of those meaningless facts that just sounds cool. Sorry, Tim.)
  • Fact: Woody Paige actually compared last night’s 95-yard yard Tebow-led drive to “The Drive,” and he seems completely serious, proving again that Tebow has the uncanny ability to erase our memories and make us forget about his 54 minutes of horrible football.
  • One last fun fact: Tebow finished with 68 rushing yards, and 57 of them came on that final drive.
  • Hey, winning is all that matters, and Tebow wins. But guys, we can’t talk about how Von Miller was incredible again, and was easily the game’s MVP as he continued his record-breaking sack pace and led a Denver defense that kept Tebow within reach.
  • Don’t talk about the quarterback on the other sideline either, and his brutally terrible play when it mattered most.
  • The Broncos could unbelievably be tied for first in the AFC West by the end of the weekend, while last night’s result puts the Patriots in prime position atop the AFC East.
  • And in case you missed Tebow’s post-game interviews, he thanked a higher power several times.
  • Moving on to other matters, Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron had to address Ray Rice‘s lack of touches recently, a common thread during Baltimore’s letdown losses.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew wants fullback Greg Jones to make the Pro Bowl.
  • Hakeem Nicks isn’t tall, but he plays big.
  • The Packers host Tampa Bay this weekend, giving Aaron Rodgers a chance to reflect on his draft year and how he nearly became a Buc. Taking Cadilac Williams instead cost Jon Gruden his job, a decision that’s also damaged the ears of an entire nation every Monday night. Bad drafting hurts everyone.
  • Justin Tuck doesn’t think he’s a very good player right now.
  • The Chiefs are about to lose a lot of football games, and they’re already far removed from the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. So should they go after Peyton Manning?
  • Would you like to watch Tebow’s game-winning drive on an endless loop? Of course you would…

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