Oh, Twitter. Where were sports bloggers before you came along? For the second time this week, an NFL player has run his mouth on the social media site. And this time, it’s a player-on-player crime.

That is, if you consider Josh Scobee to be a player.

See, after watching Jackson make a fool of himself (again) on national television, the Jaguars kicker took to Twitter Sunday night and blasted Jackson to his 10,720 followers:

And then he backtracked a little:

And then he backtracked some more:

But Jackson eventually got wind of it, and the backtracks weren’t enough to stop him from blasting back at Scobee in back-to-back tweets authored this afternoon:

Listen, I think it’s a general consensus that Jackson is a juvenile tool. His antics this year have hurt his team badly, and he exemplifies exactly what a lot of mainstream folk don’t like about professional sports. I think he’s a punk. Many of us think he’s a punk. It’s just unfortunate that the only player crazy enough to make that public is a placekicker.

Eagles offensive lineman Todd Herremans summed it up nicely:

Kickers are people too! But whenever they speak their minds, they tend to get crushed. In an interview with us back in 2003, Mike Vanderjagt set the position back centuries by talking trash about his own team and teeing up this classic reaction from Peyton Manning:

Anyway, Scobee’s probably going to come out looking like the loser in this war simply because he’s also a kicker.

Maybe he’s still bitter over Jackson’s massive performance in a blowout win in Jacksonville last September.