Yeah, there's no way Gronk suffered a concussion. Not possible.

  • A player doesn’t often look back on a 34-3 win and repeatedly say that his team needs to improve. But when that player is Tom Brady and his offense looked lost for much of the first half last night against Kansas City, that kind of critical post-game talk is expected.
  • Rob Gronkowski didn’t suffer a concussion last night, and if he did he wouldn’t say anything. The culture of toughness in the NFL will never allow personal health and safety to be placed ahead of wins.
  • For some reason, Todd Haley changed this year, and he stopped being a gambling risk taker. He started to revert to his old ways last night, but it might be too late.
  • St. Louis’ Steve Spaguolo is another coach on the hot seat. Just don’t ask him about it.
  • And while we’re discussing future NFL job openings, it appears that only a drastic turnaround will save Norv Turner in San Diego.
  • Rushing Adrian Peterson back to play for a 2-8 team is senseless, a fact that’s surely not lost on the Vikings management. Their primary concern will likely be protecting their stud running back from himself.
  • Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times talked to Jack Harbaugh prior to Thursday’s highly-anticipated Harbaugh Bowl. The father of John and Jim is proud, but predictably divided and torn. He won’t attend the game, and will instead spend some quality time with each son before kickoff before leaving the stadium and watching on TV.
  • Yesterday I wrote that the Bears need Caleb Hanie to do his best Alex Smith impression. But if he can do a really good Matt Cassel, they’ll take that too.
  • In less than a year Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon will likely be doing his best A.J. Green routine on an NFL field, and maybe doing it better. So let’s get to know Blackmon through the eyes of the poor college kids who’ve tried to cover him.
  • With six games left, 13 of the AFC’s 16 teams are within two games of a playoff spot, and a team that was one game away from the Super Bowl last year is now one of the teams whose destiny is very much unknown. Thanks for being awesome, NFL.
  • Jake Plummer would like Tim Tebow a lot more if he stopped talking about Jesus so much.
  • John Elway still hasn’t found his quarterback of the future. He either really hates Tebow, really hates being liked by the legions of Tebow-worshiping Broncos fans, or both.
  • It’s not possible for Jim Irsay to keep a low profile, but maybe he should give it a good honest try.
  • If Gronkowski was sprinting towards me, I’d find the nearest highly-reinforced wall to hide behind, which is why I write about NFL football and don’t play NFL football. One more time, here’s the longest touchdown catch of Gronk’s young career…

Lead pic via Busted Coverage.