• Kyle Orton is no Peyton Manning, but he’s clearly an improvement over Curtis Painter. So if the Colts don’t make a claim on the now former Bronco, it’ll be abundantly clear that they’re sucking for some guy named Luck.
  • The Patriots have one of the league’s toughest offenses to plan for defensively because of their dual tight ends.
  • And that’s why the Eagles’ leaky defense will face its most challenging test this weekend.
  • When a coach resorts to giving a 41-year-old whose glory years were over a decade ago first team reps in practice as a motivational tool for his starting quarterback, maybe we should seriously reconsider Mark Sanchez‘s future.
  • Mike Lupica relied on a time-honored sports columnist trick to make his case for the 5-5 Jets and their playoff aspirations. Ask a lot of vague, rhetorical questions and fail to answer them, and allude to the assurance that history will repeat itself. This is how hope is born and bred.
  • The Giants have experienced a few historic and painful collapses in recent seasons, and Justin Tuck knows that the schedule has teed them up for another one.
  • Based on his sheer talent and numbers, Marvin Harrison deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. But with unanswered questions still lingering about his involvement in a shooting, right now it’s hard to even accept the Colts’ decision to include him in their ring of honor.
  • Carolina might be looking for an elite offensive lineman in the draft next April to protect their franchise quarterback.
  • History shows that if the Panthers are indeed bent on selecting a premier lineman, they won’t be competing with the Vikings, even if an offense lineman is a clear need for Minnesota and they’re in a prime position to select one of the top guards available.
  • Whether or not we see James Starks tomorrow in Green Bay’s backfield will be determined by his pain tolerance.

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