We know the NFL is always tweaking rules, but until today we hadn't heard of the Thanksgiving Day provision that permitted the home team to put a giant turkey on the field.

Hello, and welcome to the day that Americans eat turkey and pumpkin pie, watch football, and occasionally squeeze in some family time. Here in the Great White North we did this yearly routine just over a month ago, but our Thanksgiving doesn’t include three glorious football games followed by a day of highly discounted shopping that leads to making friends and enemies at your local Target. America, you know how to have fun.

Starting in about an hour, we’re going to be hanging out and doing a live commentary of today’s games. So if you’re stuck in your northern cubicle and unable to view the traditional Thanksgiving pigskin, follow along and kill your Thursday productivity with us.

To get us warmed up, here’s a few notes relating to today’s games in a similar format to the one used in our weekly Sunday Notes post.

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

  • The only major injury situation to monitor here is James Starks. We’ll update this once the inactives are released, but the Packers running back is officially listed as questionable with a sprained knee, although yesterday head coach Mike McCarthy said he looked good in practice.
  • Don’t think the NFL is cyclical and filled with parity? Nearly 50 years ago the Packers traveled to Detroit to set up the exact same scenario that will play out today. Green Bay was undefeated in 1962, and they had a title to defend.
  • The Packers will likely use a blend of Charles Woodson’s height and Tramon Williams’ leaping ability to defend Calvin Johnson, or at least try.

Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys

  • Remember a few weeks ago when we were wondering what the Cowboys will do with their backfield once Felix Jones is healthy? The answer seemed obvious then, and it still is now. DeMarco Murray will continue to receive the bulk of the carries, with Jones used in spot duty to capitalize on specific game situations.
  • Dolphins fans are more than just frustrated after their team looked disorganized with seven losses to start the season, and now they suddenly have three wins. The fans are divided, and they’re facing the reality of a team stuck in purgatory.
  • Highlighted by Leon Lett’s moment of brilliance with his snow angel in the end zone back in 1993, these two teams have a rich Thanksgiving Day history.

San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens

  • The last time the Harbaugh brothers competed against each other in an athletic setting, they were on a youth baseball field in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Things have changed a little since then.
  • Tonight, though, John wanted his Ravens to know that once the game starts, he only has one family.
  • In their seven wins, the Ravens have averaged 31 points per game. And in each of those wins, Ray Rice has averaged 23 touches, and he has just seven touches per game in their three losses. There’s a pattern here somewhere.

Lead pic via this guy.